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The holistic entrepreneur’s roadmap to sharing simple updates that give value, build trust and attract the right people to your business.

How would you like to say good-bye to blogging forever!

You don't have to blog! That's right. Holistic entrepreneurs, practitioners and healers don't blog. We connect, educate, invite, love and respect our people. But we do need to attract new clients and nurture the relationships we've already built. So if you don't know what to write or have an email list of people who haven't heard from you, this guide will help you shine your unique brilliance in writing.

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No More Wondering What to Write

This guide clears the 15 biggest reasons for Blog Fog and gives you the who, what, why, when, and how of writing simple updates and email newsletters. It even shows you simple ideas to make your newsletter more valuable, enjoyable and personal for your readers.

No More Guessing at Strategies

Let's face it. You're not a blogger. You're not even a writer. But you're constantly advised to "blog." This guide gives you a simple formula for creating regular posts and emails, while showing you how to re-use and recycle your material so you do less work!

Created for Coaches and Healers

This guide is not your typical web copy tutorial or blogging how-to. You're not interested in "traffic" or  "clicks." You are interested in showing potential clients who you are and letting them experience that you get them. This guide shows you how to use the written word to connect and is full of useful re-frames for those who are triggered, traumatized or stuck around writing. 

Phyllis Capanna, MA, OTR/L an author, coach and musician with a background in healthcare, spiritual psychology and shamanism. One of her super-powers is sensing your unique brilliance and helping you express that in writing. She is the creator of Ridiculously Simple Systems for Writing for Your People, among many other tools that help holistic practitioners, coaches and healers communicate, connect and inspire. Her book titles include Soul Messages: Lavish Love Notes for the Soul, and To Whom It May Concern: Prayers Without the G-Word. She lives in Maine, USA, is an INFJ, Sagittarius with Scorpio rising and Taurus moon, a 3 of Clubs in the Destiny Cards, a 30/3 Life Purpose number, is a Fire Monkey and is left-handed and has purple hair.


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